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Children's Books

Bocheck in Poland Contoski 9.95
Casimir Pulaski, Soldier on Horseback Collins 14.95
Count Casimir Pulaski, From Pol to Amer Kajencki 32.00
Fairy Tales of Eastern Europe Retold by J. Asala 12.95
Grandma's Lost Gift: A Christmas Story Hirsch 7.95
Hero on Horseback: Story of Casimir Pulaski Collins 15.95
Katie, Young Life of Mother Katherine Drexel Mohan 8.95
LEGEND /Brave Wanda Astra 7.95
LEGEND /Bugler of Cracow Astra 7.95
LEGEND /Feast at Wierzynek's Astra 7.95
LEGEND /Lech, Czech and Rus Astra 7.95
LEGEND /Popiel and the Mice Astra 7.95
LEGEND /Secret of Lokietek's Grotto Astra 7.95
LEGEND /St. Kinga Astra 7.95
LEGEND /St. Stanislaus Astra 7.95
LEGEND /The Basilisk Astra 7.95
LEGEND /The Wawel Dragon Astra 7.95
LEGEND /Wars i Sawa Astra 7.95
LEGEND /Golden Duck Astra 7.95
LEGEND /Pan Twardowski Astra 7.95
Marie Curie, Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Burby 11.00
My Family Tree Workbook - Genealogy Chorzempa 4.95
Polish Immigrants: 1890-1920 Wallner 22.60
Rechenka's Eggs Polacco hc 16.99
Rechenka's Eggs Polacco pp 7.99
Stanley the Sleuth Uncovers Story of C Pulaski Carman 14.95
Stories of the Meadow Sikorska-Szczupak 4.99
Stories of the Garden Sikorska-Szczupak 3.99
Stories of the Forest Sikorska-Szczupak 3.99
Traditional Folk Costumes of Europe (paper dolls) Allert 6.95
Twice a Hero /Pulaski and Kosciuszko Wales 18.95
We Came to North America: The Poles Nickles 8.95

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Against A Crimson Sky Martin

pp 14.95

Against A Crimson Sky Martin hc 24.95
(as above) Polish version   20.00
The Art and Memories /Styka family Styka 35.00
Art, Architecture and Design in Poland Muthesius Pol 29.95
Art Songs and Ballads from Treas. Polish Songs 2.00
Back of the Yards Swist 21.99
Beginner's Polish w/2 CDs Wanasz-Bialasiewicz 21.95
Beginner's Polish Wanasz-Bialasiewicz 9.95
Beyond the Uprising: A Polish Girl's Journey Bowman 19.99
Chicago's Polish Downtown Granacki 19.99
Chicago's Southeast Side Sellers and Pacyga 19.99
Cracow, An Illustrated History Zygulski 12.95
Czar Miasta Kosciuszko Waldo 5.00
Dances of Poland (Instructions) Sajewski Music Publ. 9.95
Dancing With the Lord Poremba 14.95
The Deluge (2 vols.) Sienkiewicz 60.00
Dictionary of 1000 Polish Proverbs Lipinski 11.95
Did the Children Cry? Lukas hc 24.95
Did the Children Cry? Lukas pp 14.95
The Eagle and the Cross: History of PRCUA Radzilowski 25.00
Enigma, How the Poles Broke the Nazi Code Kozaczuk and Straszak 22.50
Eva Galuska and the Christmas Carp Clauson 20.00
Everyday Polish for Americans; a self-study book with supplement lesson booklet E. and T. Cynarski 25.00
Favorite Songs Songbook Polanie 2.50
Fighting Warsaw, Story of Polish Underground State Korbonski 14.95
Finding Your Chicago Ancestors DuMelle 26.95
First Names of the Polish Commonwealth Hoffman/Helon 20.00
First Polish Americans: Panna Maria, TX Baker 19.95
Folk Art Designs from Polish/Swiss/German Jablonska 6.95
Folk Designs for Artists and Craftspeople Sibbett 7.95
The Forgotten Few, Polish Air Force in WW II Zamoyski 24.95
Forgotten Holocaust Lukas hc 24.95
Forgotten Holocaust Lukas pp 16.95
Framing the Polish Home Shallcross 22.95
Graded Reader of Classic Polish Literature Juszczak 9.95
Gridiron Greats, Pol/Am in College Football Chestochowski 24.95
Hippocrene Compact Dictionary Pogonowski 8.95
Hippocrene Concise Dictionary Pogonowski 11.95
Hippocrene Practical Dictionary Pogonowski 14.95
Hippocrene Standard Dictionary Pogonowski 19.95
Hippocrene Insider's Guide to Poland Hippocrene 9.95
Holy Trinity /Polish Potaczala 15.00
Immigration, Separation and Healing Milosz 11.00
In Their Words, Vol. 1 Shea/Hoffman 30.00
In Time of War, Growing Up During Nazi Occupation Dadlez 12.00
Jadwiga's Crossing Lutz 19.95
John Paul the Great Noonan 24.95
Kosciuszko, Leader and Exile Haiman 10.00
Krakovian Szopki PMA 5.00
Ksiega Pamiatkowa x Lecia PJP II 8.50
Land of Winged Horsemen: Art in Poland Ostrowski 39.00
Legacy of the White Eagle Kulski 24.95
Marsz, Marsz Polonia Panek 5.50
The Mass Deportation of Poles to Siberia Historical Narrative hc 25.00
The Mass Deportation of Poles to Siberia /Polish Historical Narrative pp 12.00
Mastering Polish (bk w/2 CDs) Juszczak 24.95
Mieczyslaw Haiman /Polish poems Kaczorowska 15.00
The Murderers of Katyn Abarimov 19.95
Night of Flames Jacobson hc 23.95
Night of Flames Jacobson pp 16.95
Nine Bells at the Breaker Glodek hc 24.00
No Return Lachocki 12.50
On the Field of Glory Sienkiewicz 24.95
The Paderewski Paradox /bi-lingual Stevenson 15.00
Pan Tadeusz Mickiewicz 19.95
The Peasant Prince /Thaddeus Kosciuszko Storozynski 29.95
Poland, 1946 Vachon 49.95
Poland, An Illustrated History Pogonowski 19.95
Poland in World War II, an Illust. Military History Hempel 9.95
Poland's Navy Peszke 29.95
Polish Catholics in Chicago, 1850-1920 Parot 20.00
Polish Customs, Traditions, Folklore Knab 22.50
Polish First Names Knab 11.95
Polish Folk Dances & Songs: Step by Step Dziewanowska 39.50
Polish Folklore & Myth Asala 12.95
Polish Herbs, Flowers, Folk Medicine Knab 22.50
The Polish Heritage Songbook Polish Heritage Publ. 14.95
Polish Past in America Haiman 10.00
Polish Proverbs Asala 12.95
Polish Roots Chorzempa 17.95
A Polish Son in the Motherland Leonard Kniffel hc 35.00
A Polish Son in the Motherland Leonard Kniffel pp 17.95
Polish Surnames Hoffman 25.00
Polish Touches Nowakowski/Perrin 12.95
The Polish Way Zamoyski 19.95
Polish Wycinanki Designs Drwal 7.95
Portage Park (Image Series) Pogorzelski; Maloof 19.99
Push Not the River Martin hc 24.95
Push Not the River Martin pp 13.95
(as above) Polish version   20.00
Pysanky Patterns & Designs Parsons/Vieyra 7.95
A Question of Honor, Kosciuszko Squadron Olson & Cloud 27.95
Quo Vadis Sienkiewicz hc 29.95
Quo Vadis Sienkiewicz pp 19.95
Rising '44 Davies 32.95
Say It In Polish Dover Publ. 4.95
A Secret Life Weiser 16.00
Six Years 'til Spring Hintzke 20.95
The Story of a Secret State Karski 35.95
The Teutonic Knights Sienkiewicz 30.00
Thaddeus Kosciuszko, Military Engineer Kajencki 34.95
A Thousand Year History of Poland Iwanicka 8.00
Toledo's Polonia Rev. Philiposki 21.99
A Traveller's History of Poland Radzilowski 14.95
Treasured Polish Christmas Customs/Traditions Polanie Publ. 16.95
Treasured Polish Songs w/English translations Polanie Publ. 21.95
Treasury of Classic Polish Love (Short Stories) Lipinski 11.95
A Treasury of Polish Aphorisms Galazka 14.95
Treasury of Polish Love (Poems/Quotes/Proverbs) Lipinski 11.95
Treasury of Polish Love Poems, Vol. 2 Lipinski 11.95
Wedrowne Maki Chobian-Cheron 20.00
When God Looked the Other Way Adamczyk hc 25.00
When God Looked the Other Way Adamczyk pp 17.00
Winged Hussar   17.95
Witness to Hope: Biography of PJP II George Weigel 24.95

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The Art of Polish Cooking Zeranska 23.00
At Hanka's Table Sawka 21.95
The Best of Polish Cooking West 9.95
Cooking the Polish Way Zamojska-Hutchins 14.95
Meal Time Favorites / Polish/Ukrainian Cuisine Olenick/Hagel 19.00
My Homemade Polish Recipes Zaremba 17.95
Old Polish Traditions at Kitchen & Table Lemnis/Vitry 11.95
Old Warsaw Cookbook Rysia 12.95
Pleasing Polish Recipes Nowakowski 6.00
Poland's Gourmet Cuisine Lussiana/Pininska 35.00
Polish Chicago: Our History - Our Recipes Zurawski 37.50
Polish Cookery Monatowa 16.00
Polish Heritage Cookery (reprinting in 2010) Strybel 39.00
Polish Holiday Cookery Strybel 24.95
Sharing our Best cookbook (130th Anniv.) PRCU 15.00
Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans Polanie Publ. 10.00

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Mission Statement

The Mission of The Polish Museum of America, an integral part of the dynamic mosaic of Polish life in Chicago, is to promulgate the rich cultural history of the Polish people by collecting, preserving, interpreting, and displaying materials related to this heritage; and to integrate these resources into appropriate programs, activities, and exhibitions that enrich the intellectual and artistic lives of all members of society.

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