Two Trains From Poland: A Journey in History and of the Human Spirit by Krystyna M. Sklenarz, MD


A midnight knock at her door changed everything for 6-year old Krystyna Sklenarz. In the middle of the night, a Soviet KGB agent informed her family that they were being deported from Poland to Siberia. When asked by her terrified and anxious mother for more details regarding their final destinations, the KGB officer coolly responded, ‘you are going where the devil says goodbye’, an Old Russian saying needing no clarification. Krystyna experienced the horrors of war, from 2 years in Siberia, starvation, typhus, an opium den, in Persia, being torpedoed near South Africa, and arriving in London to live through the Nazi Blitz in the London subway. Through it all, Krystyna refused to give up. This is her story. This is her journey from the Siberian wasteland, through her struggles to achieve education in a foreign language in only five years, to her entrance to medical school at only 17. Krystyna recounts all of this in this tale of courage and perseverance, discussing not only her journey in a foreign land but the journey through the practice of medicine as a female when women weren’t supposed to be doctors. With her attention to detail and vivid recollection of events, Krystyna takes the reader through a remarkable journey in history and of the human spirit.

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