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Polish American Women’s Conference 2019

The Polish American Women’s Conference is a one-day event open to the public, featuring women of Polish heritage who discuss their perspective on leadership, business, and education, as well as political and community life.

This event is full of inspirational and motivated women who share best practices about empowerment, career, personal fulfillment, and balance in life.

It will be a great opportunity to learn, share, discuss, connect and network.

Polish people have been in Chicago for over 150 years, and they have made a significant impact on economic, political, spiritual, and cultural growth of Chicago.

In October 2016, with the cooperation of Polish Women in Business, The Polish Consulate General in Chicago, and El Centro Northeastern Illinois University, we organized the first Polish American Women’s Conference featuring nine outstanding women of Polish heritage: Judge Aurelia Pucinski, Judge Diann Marsalek, Carla Knorowski Ph.D. Abraham Lincoln Foundation, Monika Nalepa Ph.D. The University of Chicago, Lucja Mirowska-Kopec Ph.D., Dorothy Prusek Ph.D., Lucyna Migala, Maureen Pikarski, Erika Wozniak.

In 2017, the second Conference took place at the Polish Museum of America and four remarkable women were guest speakers: Jenny Milkowski from Fox News, Dorothy Anasinski Ph.D., Alderwoman Susan Sadlowski Garza, and Eliza Solowiej. The third Conference in 2018 brought together Karolina Marinescu Ph.D., Christina Ciecierski Ph.D., Magda Wrobel, Mary Wisniewski, Amy Krymkowski and Magdalena Fudalewicz.

We discussed topics of education,  culture, confidence, involvement in political and community life, power of influence, strategies for success, and turning knowledge into practice.

This year we invited six extraordinary women who will share their vision of success and modern management.

Registration and event details at: Polish American Women’s Conference – Inspirational and motivated women of Polish heritage <– click for more.

  • June 1, 2019 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Great Hall

Sabina P. Logisz Great Hall was originally designed as the auditorium for the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America headquarters. In 1939, it was adapted for the needs of the Museum. The center space of the Great Hall presents rotating temporary exhibitions of documentary and historical content, as well as art and artists, both local and international.

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