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We want you to be part of our museum, experience its beauty and this is why we offer several ways to let you engage with us to help maintain and develop the museums. Whether you are a student aspiring a career in social work or a business person who loves to preserve and care about the local history.   Become a member today!


How to get started

Please fill out our facility inquiry form so we may better understand your needs and be prepared when we contact you about your event. For questions and to schedule a meeting contact Malgorzata Kot at e-mail or call at (773) 384-3352 ext. 2111

Requirements to book a space

  • Complete an online facility inquiry form
  • Meet with our Rental Coordinator to discuss timing and space options
  • Sign a rental application a minimum 60 days prior to your event
  • Sign a rental contract and provide a deposit of $500 plus an insurance payment in order to reserve a date

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Our Spaces


Art Gallery

Art Gallery

The Stephen and Elizabeth Ann Kusmierczak Art Gallery contains paintings and sculptures spanning 1901-1947. The majority of the collection was originally displayed at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, and reflects dominant trends in Polish art during the Interwar Period of the twentieth century.

Great Hall

Great Hall

Sabina P. Logisz Great Hall was originally designed as the auditorium for the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America headquarters. In 1939, it was adapted for the needs of the Museum. The center space of the Great Hall presents rotating temporary exhibitions of documentary and historical content, as well as art and artists, both local and international.

The Paderewski Room

The Paderewski Room

The Paderewski Room is dedicated to the life and work of the great musician, statesman, and humanitarian, Ignacy Jan Paderewski (1860-1941). The collection includes: Paderewski’s practice Steinway & Sons piano; the feather-shaped gold pen he used to sign the Versailles Treaty of 1919 as Prime Minister of Poland; his death mask by American sculptor Malvina Hoffman; and furnishings from his suite at the Buckingham Hotel in New York, where he passed away in 1941, along with many other historical, documentary, ane personal artifacts from his long and prolific career.

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