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24 Anniversary Poland’s acceptance to NATO

March 12 we celebrate Poland’s acceptance in 1999 to NATO taking its rightful place in this Military Pact.

Poland’s moral demeanor and military position during world wars, over the centuries sustained Europe as we know it. Polish strategy enforced by Polish Kings, hetmans, Generals liberated the European continent, repeatedly, from autocratic enslavement. Her earliest aggressors, Prussian Teutonic knights were crushed by King Jagiello led multinational force at Grunwald in 1410. At the Siege of Vienna King Jan Sobieski conquered Ottoman Empire commanding a multinational European army. Poland successfully defended European civilization from barbarian rule. The Polish May 3, 1791 Constitution promulgated democratic values ahead of Europe preceded only by the American 1776 Constitution. Its ungrateful neighbors, Prussia, Austria, Russia repaid Poland, champion of peace & human rights by invading and occupying Her for 123 years. Its economy, resources ransacked, national dignity violated, never did Polish society render its Spirit, and accept foreign rule-pursuing Uprising after Uprising, at least 6 major National Insurrections (in19 c. alone) ! Polish PM-piano genius I. J. Paderewski helped secure independence at Versaille Peace Summit (1919). Just 2 years into rebuilding 13 decades of enemy rule, Polish army under Marshal Pilsudski & staff saved Europe from Bolshevism by winning the Polish-Bolshevik war of 1920. If not for Poland there would be no Europe as we know it to create a NATO in. Not to mention Poland’s fight and victories on all WWII fronts and the est. of an unprecedented in world history ugnd State and forces operational despite German/Soviet terror. Yes NATO owes Poland a debt of gratitude that it even exists, gratitude better put into practice in the unstable yrs ahead.

B. Czerkawski

PMA Collection photos show I. J. Paderewski, J. Pilsudski with American ally.

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