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Children’s Day

June 1st has been recognized in Poland as Children's Day since 1952.

Happy Children's Day from the Polish Museum of America!
We hope all children and their parents have a wonderful day today! Serdeczne życzenia dla wszystkich z okazji Dnia Dziecka!

Franciszek Masiak, Dziecko siedzące i Dziecko stojące, Sitting Child and Standing Child, granite, New York World's Fair Collection

Photograph depicting three children, the youngest girl sitting, holding a doll, another girl standing on one side, holding her hand, on the opposite side-boy holding a toy (ball). Signed on the back: „Fotografia z roku 1928. Baśka jest w środku”

Photograph of young children looking at the paintings in the PMA's Great Hall. PMA - Young Visitors

Children holding up food donations for the Polish War Relief. Rada Polonii Amerykańskiej, 1940 PMA Photo Collection

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