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PNA Visits Jan Zawilinski Exhibition at PMA

PNA Representatives Visit Polish Museum of America to Explore Latest Exhibition on Jan Zawilinski and Life in Chicago.

Today representatives of the Polish National Alliance /PNA/ - Alicja Kuklinska, National Secretary; Steve H. Tokarski, Treasurer; Monica Lebensztejn, Public Relations/Media Manager; and Lukasz Dudka, Dziennik Zwiazkowy General Manager - visited the PMA to explore our latest exhibition " J a n Z a w i I i ń s k i - Life in Chicago | Życie w Chicago | 1900-1924 - Photographs from the Collection of the Polish Museum of America (on view until May 30, 2023). Selected images provide fascinating glimpse into everyday life in the city’s original Polish settlement and beyond.

Jan Stanislaw Zawiliński (1873-1929) worked at the PNA as a National Secretary (1913-1928) and was member of the Association "Sons of Poland" Group number 257 of the PNA.

We thank the PNA for their visit, interest in our exhibition and the beautiful flowers. We look forward to the material about Zawilinski and his photographs in upcoming issues of Dziennik Związkowy and Zgoda. In the meantime, we invite you to visit the PMA and see this captivating exhibit for yourself!

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