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St. Adalbert

Today we honor St. Adalbert of Prague-who was martyred on April 23, 997AD by pagans in the Baltic coastal territories north of Poland.

This Bishop from Prague(b.in 956) in Czechoslovakia was invited by Polish Prince Boleslaw Chrobry to preach and teach in the early Polish kingdom. Travelling on a mission of evangelization on the northern Baltic coast, St. Adalbert(pol. Swiety Wojciech) was captured by pagans and beheaded. Prince Boleslaw paid the equivalent of the bishop's remains weight in gold and buried him in Gniezno. This tomb became Poland's first pilgrimage site and soon the primary Polish Cathedral was built in its vicinity. In our times, every year in April a Gniezno Celebration(pol. Zjazd Gnieznienski) is held at this very location. St. Adalbert-Swiety Wojciech was declared Poland's Patron together with St. Stanislaus, another Bishop and Martyr.

Photos present the PMA Gniezno doors, 1939 wood and plaster.

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