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Summer farming season theme in PMA Painting

As we have zoomed past mid-summer 2022 in these last days of July-we city folks are busy with new and old ideas for summer things to do in town, everything from sailing Lake Michigan, finding a free spot on our beaches to exploring the newest extravagant outdoor restaurants.

But did we ever stop and think-what is the rest of Illinois doing on these long summer days? Did you know just 25% of our State is urban and 75% of Illinois is rural ? Farming land where tourists never go ? Did you ever wonder what the four seasons of the year mean for our farmers? Esp. Summer? In a nutshell-Spring is for plowing the soil to prepare it for sowing and planting. This season is for planting most crops incl. spring and winter wheat from which we get flour that turns into our favorites like hearth bread, rolls, croissants and pizza crust. Also apple and plum trees, among others, grapevines if irrigation is available. Summer and Fall are for harvest and winter is for resting. Right now middle of summer our blessed earth yields such warm season crops as snap beans, corn, cucumbers, cabbage, melons, peppers, tomatoes, squash, zucchini and come August-watermelons. But dear city people-You don't have to venture far to follow paths through golden fields and rolling hills, just enter the world of PMA's Fine Arts collections to be surrounded by images of fresh grain ready for harvest, hay rooftops, nature's fruits served in an elegant Polish home. Come refresh your senses with an abundance of different shades of green and light blue colored skies-all the discomforts of Chicago's hot summers will drift away guaranteed!
Beatrix Czerkawski

Photos include PMA Painting collection's Zboze-Wola Radziszewska by Stanislaw Kamocki, 1938, oil; Poland Reborn detail by Mieczyslaw Jurgielewicz, 1939, stain glass; Landscape by Leon Dolzycki, pre-1939, oil; Cabbage harvest by Jarocki, 1939, oil on canvas; Composition by Ignacy Pienkowski, pre-1939, oil on canvas; harvest wreath reliquary decorated with ribbon, pre-1939.

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