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Children’s Day (Dzień Dziecka)

Happy Children's Day! In Poland, Dzień Dziecka has been celebrated on June 1st since 1952, when activities and festivities are organized for children by schools, towns, and families. This special day often includes presents, field trips, and outdoor outings that mark the beginning of summer.
We're highlighting the work of Maria Werten, a Polish painter and graphic artist who illustrated children's books published in Poland and the U.S. Her artwork often featured children, as seen here, as well as families in general.
From the collection of the PMA:
1. "Huculka" with two children, Maria Werten, print
2. Girl with a Doll, Maria Werten, print
3. Child (Dziecko), Maria Werten, color lithograph, c. 1920s

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