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Feast Day of St. John the Baptist

Today we celebrate the Feast Day of St. John the Baptist.

He is the well known relative of Jesus of Nazareth who was born to St. Elizabeth, cousin of the Virgin Mary and Zechariah in the Herodian kingdom of Judea. John would be eternalized in history by the role he played as the prophet who announced the true Messiah-Jesus Christ and it was John the Baptist who baptized Jesus in the river Jordan. He was imprisoned and beheaded by Herod. The Polish version of John-Jan is also a very popular name in Poland. Just a brief list of great Poles with this name: chronicler Jan Dlugosz, writer Jan Kochanowski, kings Jan III Sobieski, Jan Kazimierz, Jan II Waza, hetman Jan Zamojski, to name a few. Please come and feast your eyes on our Painting collection which features, among our world class masterpieces, works by painters like Polish legend Jan Styka and so many other artists here at the PMA who carry this famous name ! Jan was the second name used by our Paderewski Room hero-Ignacy Jan Paderewski! Happy Jan Names day !
B. Czerkawski

PMA Painting collection's Entrance Gate to Jasna Gora by Jan Gumowski, 1925; Future Poland by Jan Henryk Rosen, 1939, oil; White Gladioli in a Jug by Jan Cybis, 1938, ink; King Jan III Sobieski, artist unknown, 1783, oil; Portrait of Jan Kania by Jan Blechert, undated, oil; Crucifixion by Jan Jachimiak, undated, painting on glass; Krawczynski collection's Tiger(untitled) by Jan Mlodozeniec, undated, watercolor gauche and Kusmierczak Art Gallery's Joan of Arc by Jan Styka, 1922, oil.

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