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Jan Zumbach 107 birthday commemoration

On this day, April 15, 1915, author of bestseller like "On wings of war-My life as a pilot adventurer", but above all Polish WWII pilot ace Jan Eugeniusz Ludwik Zumbach was born in Warsaw, Poland.

Jan graduated from Aviation Cadet School in Deblin in 1938 and was appointed commander-111 Fighting Escadrille, Polish air force. This unit inherited the tradition of legendary war-time Polish 7 Air Escadrille known for the excellent skills of its joint Polish and American volunteers. One of the founding members of the brilliant Polish Fighter Squadron formed in 1942, Capt. Zumbach was promoted to Squadron leader in 1942. Jan Zumbach flew an array of bombers incl. Morane 406, Curtiss Hawk 75, and Supermarine Spitfire VB just to name a few. His victory tally was highlighted by German crosses under his cockpit on the port side. For his remarkable achievements Jan Zumbach was decorated with Poland's VM Silver Cross and Cross of Valour and Britain's Distinguished Flying Cross. After WWII Jan Zumbach continued his career as architect and Chief Commander of Africa's Katanda and Biafra air forces. He died in France Jan. 3, 1986.
Beatrix Czerkawski

Photo presents PMA Library book "Squadron 303" by Arkady Fiedler which features photos of Polish pilot aces decorated with Britain's highest Order-(the Distiguished Flying Cross) published in 1991.
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