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Polish-American Heritage Music Celebrations

Polish-American Heritage Month of October is just not long enough to fit in the rich itinerary featuring our Polish and American cultural proposals!

Esp. when it comes to the world of music!! The Polish immigrant identity, in this case, is powerfully shaped by a strong command of native European musical knowledge, by a very own, genuine Polish aesthetic sensitivity and by the rich fabric of an adopted multifarious American culture. This great Art is represented by, at least, 2 extra special Polish-American events, one of which is the 20 anniversary of our very own Chicago based Paderewski Symphony Orchestra and Music Academy co-founded by Barbara Bilszta. This Academy is modeled on Polish music schools but they combine European and American teaching methods incl. Suzuki technique. PaSO has performed at one of the world's most prestigious philharmonics-Chicago's Orchestra Hall. As they celebrate their birthday this weekend at Polonia's historic Copernicus Center, we wish them many many more! The other event which serves to popularize, Polish and international music on our Chicago scene spills into November when the "Chopin in the City' festival kicks off. It is an annual classical and jazz take on the paradise of creativity and beauty that Fryderyk Chopin left us, with Polish jazz legendary vocalist, composer and arranger Grazyna Auguscik at the helm. It is largely to her credit that our Windy city has enjoyed a plethora of stars, am. them, this year's headliner, renowned master of Chopin's music Janusz Olejniczak (he is the youngest First Prize laureate at the 1970 Warsaw Chopin Competition). Other artists incl. a Curacao jazzman, and Polish film maker. As these wonderful Polish-American endeavors continue to excel to integrate our magnificent unique cultures, we welcome You to please stop and visit our fascinating Museum to experience all things musical!

Beatrix Czerkawski

Photos present PMA masterpiece Poland Reborn-stain glass window(fragment) by Mieczyslaw Jurgielewicz, 1939; Library book collection: "Byl Jazz" Jakub Karpinski, Wyd. Literackie; PMA photo portrait of Ignacy Jan Paderewski; Paderewski room Polish Singers Alliance in America ceiling crest; PMA portrait of Fryderyk Chopin, PMA Music collection violin-copy of Stradivarius; PMA photo I.J. Paderewski at piano; PMA Paderewski Room painting of the Master by Paul Strayer

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