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Remembering Adam Kossowski – on 36 anniversary of death

On this day 36 years ago the art world lost one of its own.

Adam Kossowski was born Dec. 5, 1905-in Nowy Sacz, Poland. Adam completed his higher education at Krakow Fine Arts Academy and worked on the restoration of Wawel Castle painting collection. During WWII Adam Kossowski was captured by the Russians who were invading Poland from the East. He barely survived Soviet slave labor camps situated along the Peczora and Amu-Daria rivers in Russia's Arctic Circle region. Liberated and evacuated with thousands of Polish prisoners across the Caspian Sea into Persia, Adam Kossowski joined the Polish Armed Forces and was later reunited with his family in London. Here in Great Britain his artistic career would take off like a storm. Besides painting, Kossowski excelled in design and applied arts like ceramics. Commissioned by Queen Mary University and Aylesford Friars, among other church organizations in England, Kossowski completed many prestigious and stunningly beautiful decorative art projects. This greatly talented and sensitive virtuoso of design died March 31, 1986, in London. Please come visit the PMA to see for yourself Adam Kossowski's Hommage to Cezanne painting which is just one masterpiece of so many art works which are waiting for you!
Beatrix Czerkawski

Photo presents PMA Painting collection Hommage a Cezanne by Adam Kossowski, 1938, oil on canvas; auto portrait-Polish prisoner of war in Russian gulag camp drawing by Adam Kossowski, pencil on paper, 1940's; PMA Map collection-a chart tracking Russia's Gulag slave labor camps.

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