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The Earth Day 2022

The Earth Day 2022 Theme is #InvestInOurPlanet

Art can educate, motivate, and inspire action to protect the Earth. Our museum is a breath of fresh air - come appreciate our beautiful planet through the eyes of our painting and sculpture collections.

From the collection of the Polish Museum of America:

1. "Summer" - Tymon Niesiołowski, 1935, oil on canvas
2. "Landscape" - Henryk Grunwald, 1937, oil on canvas
3. "Cabbage Harvest" - Jarocki, 1939, oil on canvas
4. "Lany-Wola Radziszewska" - Stanislaw Kamocki, 1938, oil on canvas
5. Polish village; mountains; plowing; lake - 1939 NYWF


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