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Two pillars of the Polish American community

Two pillars of the Polish American community in Chicago celebrate their birthdays in February.

Maria Lorys, Feb. 7 her 105th, Teodozja Musialowicz Feb. 8 her centennial of birth.

Ms. Lorys, a graduate of Krakow Jagiellonian Academy and Wilno’s Jan Kazimierz University, a nurse with the Polish 2 Corps (Polish Armed forces in the West) settled here after WWII where she raised her family, a daughter and son (Jan, a US Army Major and historian, former PMA director). Her beloved brother Bronislaw, a Catholic priest was 1 of 12 Polish defense Zadworze Battle survivors, 33 km. outside of Lwow. This Polish Thermopylae fought August 1920 by Capt. Zajaczkowski’s Battalion halted Soviet advance on the city by tying down Soviet-Ukrainian manpower allowing Warsaw to well position its defense. The intrinsic fidelity and love for Poland which Maria’s family lived out, blossomed here in Chicago with decades of philanthropy. She commandeered the purchase and logistics of sent, critically needed aid to Poland but also to Poles stranded on native Polish soil, incorporated at Yalta and Potsdam into USSR. A life member of the PMA, Maria was and is a pillar of financial support to our institutions.

Teodozja Musialowicz also served during WWII as a nurse at a Polish military hospital in Casamassima, Italy and is a veteran of the Monte Cassino Polish victory. Surviving earlier Soviet deportation to Syberia and a heroic escape from bondage, she settled after the war in Chicago. After a formidable 30 yrs. nursing career, Captain Musialowicz enjoys her honorable memories. We wish both Ladies a peaceful retirement and Gods’ continued protection!


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    Virginia Cudecki says:

    2 most impressive ladies. I am a friend of Maria Lorys’s son Jan and wife Carleen. They are very proud of Their Mom, Mother in Law.
    It is a pleasure for me to know this family.

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