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275 Birthday of Tadeusz Kosciuszko

Tadeusz Kosciuszko celebrates his 275 birthday today. Here at PMA we are marking this great day for Poland and the world! Born Feb. 4, 1746 near Brzesc, in his 71 years (he died Oct. 8, 1817 in Switzerland) Kosciuszko changed European and American history. He was promoted to Colonel of Engineers in the 1776 Northern US Continental Army and until today he holds the official honor of the Father of American cavalry, training US troops how to fight and win. Kosciuszko designed arrays of impregnable defenses that determined American victories over the Brits like the Battle of Saratoga.

In 1778 Col. Kosciuszko designed the fortifications at West Point. His innovations are proof of Polish pioneer engineering excellence. In 1780 Gen. Washington granted Kosciuszko's request and transferred him to combat duty with the Southern Army. Here he led blitz charges against British forces with French and American soldiers under his command (Battle of Charleston, SC.). Upon his return to Poland in 1783 Congress promoted Kosciuszko to Brigadier General. His Homeland had just adopted its May 1791 Constitution which preceded European democratic thinking by light years. Russia acted to crush this leading European democracy and invaded Poland. With a 3:1 advantage in manpower, the Russians were met with fierce resistance led by Gen. Kosciuszko. Decorated for his service by the King with Virtuti Militari, Kosciuszko planned and led his own Uprising against Prussian and Russian occupation of Poland in 1794. He invited Polish peasants to join the fight for liberty which was unprecedented in 18 c. Europe. Outnumbered, the Insurrection fell. Kosciuszko had to emigrate to USA and here he ordered his estate to purchase the freedom of American slaves. He is a superhero for our modern times! Please join PMA online to view our unmatched superb Kosciuszko Collection.

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B. Czerkawski

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