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World sculpture Day (last Saturday in April)

History books tell us

the word sculpture #InternationalSculptureDay comes from Latin sculpere which means to carve. This type of visual arts which operates in three dimensions enables us to eternalize men and women whom we admire and cherish as extraordinary symbols of hope, courage and human achievement.
Carving, molding, casting and assembling are methods sculptors use to evoke an aesthetic or emotional reaction. An integral part of the PMA Fine Arts assortment is our world class Sculpture Collection. Please come, see and enjoy masterpieces of marble and bronze, alabaster and wood that you would expect to find in Paris or Rome-right here in your own back yard, in Chicagoland.
Beatrix Czerkawski

Wild Rabbits by Stanislaw Komaszewski,1937, alabaster; A Man touched by Art by Marian Konarski, 1965, bronze; Young Mountaineer by A. Dzieciela, 1939, wood; Child Walking by Franciszek Masiak, 1938, granite.

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