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Polish National Flag Day and World Day of Polonia

Every year on May 2 Poland takes the opportunity to appreciate its national flag.

On this day the Polish diaspora around the world celebrates its holiday-the International Day of Polonia. Both commemorations were legislated into law by acts of the Polish Parliament, Flag Day in 2004, Polonia Day since 2002. This very special day marks the many outstanding achievements and contributions of Poles and persons of Polish heritage, globally, to their respective communities. May 2 is also a manifestation of the beautiful white and red symbolic colors of the Republic of Poland. Polish Flag Day 2022 coincides with history-a Congressional delegation led by the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives pays visit to Warsaw today for meetings with the Polish President Andrzej Duda and Poland's Parliamentary leadership. Warsaw, the heroic capital of Poland will shine today with stunning beauty. This unbreakable metropolis, burned down to the ground completely by Hitler's order 8 decades ago, lives on totally rebuilt, more admired than ever before. Decorated with an unending flurry of white and red, as are cities, towns and villages throughout the country, Warsaw and Poland are home today for more than 3 million Ukrainian guests who were forced to flee their homes after Russia's invasion. But you don't have to be in Poland to see a sea of Polish colors-just come to PMA and discover why Poland is so special!
Beatrix Czerkawski

Photos present Polish submarine with the national colors, 1940's, American Polonia Council Collection; M/S Batory mast, 1930's, Gdynia/American line Collection;Polish former Prisoners' delegation at Mauthausen-Gusen German concentration camp, 1978, WWII Collection; Polish Blue Army soldiers with their Flag, 1914, WWI Collection.

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