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Konstanty Laszczka 64 anniversary of death

Today we remember Konstanty Laszczka, Polish sculptor and artist who died on March 23, 1956, in Poland.

He was born there Sept. 3, 1865. A self-made artist still in grade school, Konstanty Laszczka was discovered by a well to do Polish family and sent to Warsaw where he studied under Jan Krynski and Ludwik Przyrowicz. His talent earned him a scholarship to Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. He later returned to Krakow and with the help of renowned Polish painter Julian Falat set up his atelier and was appointed in 1905 Professor and later rector of the Academy of Fine Arts. A Polish patriot, Konstanty Laszczka was a member of the Military Treasury Committee. His daughters were strongly active in Polish scout organizations, his oldest son was an architect, and his younger son was a doctor. Laszczka represented the impressionist and symbolist styles in his creations. His master was Auguste Rodin. Laszczka thrived in the environment created by his friends-Polish master artists like Stanislaw Wyspianski and Leon Wyczolkowski. He is credited with strongly influencing Poland's very best 20 c. sculptors, his students-whose masterpieces You can marvel at during your visit to PMA. Among others they are Olga Niewska, Boleslaw Biegas, Franciszek Maczynski and many more. Please visit our Museum-we are open for You!
Beatrix Czerkawski

Photo presents PMA Sculpture Collection "Deserted" by Konstanty Laszczka, 1930/31, granite.

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