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Peace and prosperity on the occasion of Epiphany!

May the joy and enlightenment of Epiphany fill your heart with peace and prosperity! Niech radość i oświecenie Święta Trzech Króli napełnią Wasze serca pokojem i dobrobytem!

Maria Werten - painter, graphic artist, designer, was born in Warsaw and died in Los Angeles. During 1932-1937, she cooperated with the American organization in Poland, the International School of Art, established and directed by Elma Pratt, with offices in Zakopane and Warsaw. Within its framework and in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which sponsored this venture, Werten traveled to the United States, where she lectured on Polish Art, conducted courses, and organized exhibits. Within five years, she held twenty-seven courses, over two hundred lectures and discussions combined with exhibits, which she carried out in forty-one of the larger cities, gaining recognition as a promoter of Polish culture in America. Maria Werten’s collection was assigned to The PMA by the artist herself in 1948. It consists of nearly ninety objects, signed and unsigned, sealed with the stamp of the International School of Art, some of which do not seem to be her own work.

Three Kings, print from the PMA Maria Werten Collection

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