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Lesson of Polish History

99. Anniversary of Poland’s Independence.

Lesson of Polish History. Thank you Piotr Krawerenda for great photographs. Thank you Dorota Rowicki; Marek Rowicki; Char Zawadzinski; B Yurko Mikels; Akın Öğretici; Piotr Klepka; Thomas Wojcinski, Leo Wojcinski; Bartlomiej Szczech! Thank you All! Best lesson at the PMA! Dziękujemy z serca!
With Polish Armored Forces delegation from Polish NLR to HQ SACT with: Captain Piotr Klepka (NAVY); Colonel Marek Kotowski (Air Force); Cheef Warrent Officer Slawomir Przybyszewski (Army) and Char Zawadzinski and his Polish Knights Reenactors Crew


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