Grandmother’s Day (Dzień Babci)

Today, January 21 we celebrate Grandmother’s Day (pol. Dzień Babci) and January 22 we appreciate Grandfather’s Day (pol. Dzień Dziadka).

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Conservation of PMA Art Works Preserving the Past for the Future

“Conservation of PMA Art Works. Preserving the Past for the Future” we reveal secrets and challenges of the art restoration process.

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Two artists from the collection of the Polish Museum of America

Two artists from the collection of the Polish Museum of America - Henryk Grunwald and Wladyslaw Benda celebrate their birthdays today.

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Grób Mieczysława Haimana

71 anniversary of Mieczyslaw Haiman’s untimely death

On January 15 we mark the 71 anniversary of Mieczyslaw Haiman’s untimely death in 1949 at age 61. The Polish Museum of America was his brainchild.

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PMA celebrates its 84th Birthday

Ceremonially opened in 1937 at Polish Roman Catholic Union of America building HQ Milwaukee and Augusta.

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Lotnictwo Polskie

The Newly Established Polish Air Force and the Polish Bolshevik War

The legacy of the three partitions of Poland in the late 18th century by Prussia, Russia, and Austria posed many unique challenges to the newly resurrected Polish State in 1918.

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PMA Holiday Greetings

🎄 PMA 🎄 Holiday 🎄 Greetings from the ❤️ Richard Owsiany, President and ❤️ Małgorzata Kot, Managing Director ❣️

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The Struggle of The Polish Theatre in Chicago to Survive

Part 2 of our video series on Polish Theater in Chicago is presented by Barbara Kozuchowska.

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Our Store Is Open For You!

We would like to hurriedly inform, that there is no need to rush anywhere.

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Tadeusz Kosciuszko

Trailing Kościuszko in America | Ślady Kościuszki w Ameryce

The influx of Polish immigrants and exiles gives birth to a frenzy of statue building and dedicating in cities with large Polish populations. In total there are eight statues built from 1904 through 1927.

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