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An evening with Beksinski

Paraphrasing the master, Beksinski: “To name something, is to stray from the core of that which is painted, to name this exhibit, is on par with not visiting it at all. Is that the life we choose?”

From June 9th to September 5th, the Polish Museum of America in Chicago is hosting an exhibit of the paintings and photographs of Zdzisław Beksiński. The opening was a unique historical event. Although Zdzislaw Beksinski’s works are in the private collection of Roman Polanski, Chip Joslin, Beata Tyszkiewicz, Jerzy Skolimowski or Donald Sutherland, and are esteemed by the director Guillermo del Toro, their exhibition in the Polish Museum will be the first time they are presented in the United States.
As the exhibit’s curator, Dariusz Lachowski, said during the public opening: “Beksiński paid the highest price for being himself. He disliked exhibits, self-promotion, or writing about himself, and thus few people have come to know his work. In contrast to the empty and superficial words spoken in some art communities, Beksiński spoke slowly, without raising his voice, with a great distance from the world and himself, and with a humor laced in irony. In spite of this aversion to self-promotion, his works have earned recognition around the world. Through today’s exhibit, we take part in history – after more than 50 years, Beksiński has received a new invitation to the USA, and 12 years after his unnecessary death he has arrived.”

If, those who have passed away, actually keep watch over us, and cannot truly rest in peace until certain loose ends are tied up for them, then rest assured that Beksiński is observing and listening to us here in the Polish Museum of America; and for the first time in the USA, we can attest to this.

The exhibit would not have been possible without the support of kind-hearted individuals,especially those that have been helpful from the inception to the opening of the exhibit.

Thank you to each supporter that played their role, however big or small, thank you for all the words of encouragement, and thank you for the generous financial support.

Special thanks go out to:
Star-Tech Glass, Jamie and Stephen Kusmierczak, Shiv Sivakumar, Chip Joslin, JS Printing, Kornelia Król, Red Architects, Montrose Deli, Lowell International Foods, Żywiec, Red Edge Solutions, Sokół Riders, Tatra Foundation, Marta Almodovar, Joanna Nastal, Bartosz Kasza, Aleksander Najda, Zbyszek Habina, Rita Dommermuth, Anna Ejsmont, Iwona Biederman, Jarosław Serafin, Wiesław Banach, Marylka Pawlina, Ricardo, Dorota Lachowska, Kacper Lachowski, Małgorzata Kot, Richard Owsiany, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago Piotr Janicki, Deputy Consul General Małgorzata Bąk-Guzik, Robert Rusiecki, Kowal@KDS, Transcendentphoto Co.

The exhibit has been endorsed by the following people:

Special guests during public opening:
Lech Karwowski – the National Museum in Szczecin, Jarosław Serafin – the Historical Museum in Sanok, Chip Joslin – actor, Małgorzata Bąk-Guzik – Deputy Consul General, Jakub Ruszała – project De Profundis, Dariusz Subocz – Grębocin, Kristy Cash – Ars Memoria

An evening with Beksiński


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