Maritime Collections

Maritime Collections at the Polish Museum of America

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Father and Son – two sculptures by Stanisław Szukalski

Two sculptures by Stanisław Szukalski in the collection of the Polish Museum of America.

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Mysterious painting and its Creator

"Thieves Market in Vilnius" by Stanisław Appenzeller

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Size comparision coin vs. book

Historical prints and special editions

The Polish Museum of America Library holds in its collection many unique publications.

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Paderewski’s Watch and Polish Army Veterans

PMA presents the third film in a series introducing the hidden stories, behind the scenes of the PMA collections: I. J. Paderewski's Watch and Polish Army Veterans. The Master's watch is one of many gifts donated by his sister, Antonina Wilkońska. Along with furniture from the Buckingham Hotel in New

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76th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

The Polish Museum of America presents an artistic performance tribute on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising (Polish language).

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